Jarrett’s Novels

Following After Trek is based on the real life story of Trek Atlas Ingram and a tale of a father who travels into the unknown in search of his son

Trek’s story:

Trek Atlas Ingram our 3rd son, was born in our Maui driveway on April 11, 2011. It was the best day of our lives and it changed us forever. We knew we needed to live our dream of traveling with our children right away. We sold all of our belongings and bought 1-way tickets to Thailand ready to show our boys the world! In January 2012, just 2 weeks before we were to move overseas, Trek was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, Niemann Pick Type A, it has no cure or treatment and he would not live past 2 years old. After 2 weeks of doctors’ appointments, research, and soul-searching we knew what we had to do. Our baby that we named Trek Atlas had to see the world, he had to live the rest of his days in the peace of our love and an adventure around the world. Trek got 4 stamps on his passport in 6 months. He rode a panga in Nicaragua, sunbathed on a private island in Honduras, saw real ninjas in Japan, and got kissed by an elephant in Thailand. Trek passed away peacefully in our arms in Phuket, Thailand at 14 months old on June 21, 2012. His daddy, Jarrett Ingram, wrote a novel about him and our adventures. Following After Trek is based on the true life events of Trek and his family intertwined with a fiction story of a father who would stop at nothing to find his son.

From the back of the book:

After the death of his youngest son to a rare disease, one father risks everything to travel into the unknown in search of him. What would you do if you were told your child only had 6 months to live?

That the life you had been dreaming and planning for them, would never happen.
That is the exact situation Jarrett Ingram found himself in when he was told that his infant 3rd son, Trek Atlas, had a rare disease with no cure or treatment. His family brought him home that day and quickly decided his short future. They were going to take Trek to see the world.

Follow along the true life story of Trek Atlas Ingram and his family as he travels around the world, and the pain and love they experience living every day as if it was their last. The amazing story of Trek’s life is intertwined with a fiction story of a man that will stop at nothing to save his son. It is based on a dream that Trek’s dad had just days after he died, about the love and loss of a father finding out if his son still needs him.

Following After Trek is available in the following places

in the Kindle store

in paperback on Amazon

in Barnes & Noble.com for the Nook

and on http://www.jarrettingram.com

you can read more about Trek and his journey at www.oursonnylife.com


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