Thoughts from Conner

For those of you who don’t know my son Conner, let me provide a small overview (Incidentally, there is also a little blurb about him on the about page of this website). He is extremely passionate. That passion is expressed both in his love and in his anger. With regards to Trek, Conner is the sweetest big brother and expresses love toward Trek in the most unique ways. Over the past eight months Conner has done everything you can imagine to express love for Trek. Some of my favorites include Conner making up songs and singing them to Trek (usually about Mommies milkies:)), making Trek laugh (see photo), or alerting us when Trek would need something from us.  Neither Peyton or Conner know specifics about Treks illness. Chelsea and I think that it would be too confusing for them right now, however, they are both aware that Chelsea and I keep taking baby Trek to the hospital. When Chelsea and I returned from the hospital last Thursday night Conner burst into tears when he saw the bandage and blood from Treks recently removed IV. This is an emotional time for Chelsea and I right now and, as you might imagine, tears are a frequent part of our day. Conner tonight offered his thoughts on baby Trek. I wanted to record them because I thought you would appreciate them, but mostly because I wanted to remember what he said and cherish how loving a big brother he is. What Conner said is as follows:

“I like baby Trek. I want baby Trek to be a daddy and to grow big and wrestle with me and Peyton.”

Trek is so lucky to have Conner for a big brother.

PS. Trek, Conner, and Peyton all had their first snowball fight today. Trek more watched than participated, but I’m pretty sure he had a good time. Photos were taken by Sister-in-Law Jodi; when I have the photos I will upload them for you to see.

I know that I haven’t responded to all of your messages, emails, and comments. Please know that Chelsea and I are so incredibly appreciative of your support and for wanting to know about our wonderful son Trek.


9 thoughts on “Thoughts from Conner

  1. Jarrett your writing is beautiful. I was happy when Amanda told me of your blog. Thank you for doing this to keep us all in the loop. Its all the little things in life that make it all worth while. I love Conner’s love for Trek. Conner has a big heart and he feels deeply. Both your big boys are the kindest children, Noah misses them. I know these are hard times. You guys have a lot of love and prayers sent your way. I send my love to each of you. Hug my sweet beautiful friend, I miss her beautiful smile. I know she is the most amazing, nuturing mother any child could have. I have to be honest I do not pray, but I have been praying everynight since Chelsea called me. Trek is a miracle, he is a gift, made of love! I am so glad you are home and pressent. That is priceless

    • Thanks for your words and thoughts Tina. You are right about Conner and Chelsea. I couldn’t agree more about the fact that I am home. There is nothing more important than us being together as a family right now and forever.

  2. Oh my sweet Conner, Trek is undeniably surrounded by the strongest big brothers and ofcourse you and Chelsea. The heaviness i feel in my heart I know cannot begin to compare with you both, but know that I am rooting with everything in me for Trek and will not give up on him. I love you guys and am counting down the minutes to play with my nephews! Thank you so much for writing tonight. I am in awe of each of you, Conner sure knows what he is talking about and everything about your three boys is perfect and strong! Will look forward to the snowball pictures!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Jarrett. What a gift it is to share with others through writing. You and Chelsea are so gifted and I know God has such a big plan for you two, and your family’s communication to the world.

  4. I’m so proud of you for the open hearted way you are sharing your grief, shock, and journey through this time. Trek has never known anything but love and acceptance his whole life and that will continue.
    Love you so much, Grandma

  5. You have such a beautiful little family.Especially Trek,he is about the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,with those amazing blue eyes! I will be reading everything you write and promise to pray as I read about your needs.Please don’t worry about reponding to my thoughts to you.You will be much too busy keeping up with 3 growing boys.Just know we are here in your corner,and so enjoy hearing all your little details,I look forward to getting to know your boys through this blog,and of course Chesea too(I already love her)!

  6. You have such a beautiful little family. Especially Trek,he is about the cutest baby I’ve ever seen,with those amazing blue eyes! I will b reading every word you write,and promise to pray as I read about your needs. Please don’t worry about responding to my thoughts to you. You will be much too busy keeping up with 3 growing boys. Just know we are here in your corner,and so enjoy hearing all the little details,I look forward to getting to know the boys through your blog and of course Chelsea too( I already love her)!

  7. There is no Love like a child and mothers love! Words cannot express the love Trek is feeling from his big brothers and mommy and daddy! My heart goes out to all of you during this time, a day hasn’t gone by that I havent thought of you all. I know I haven’t talked to you in a long time jarret but know that I will be praying for your family.

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