My Children’s book is available for purchase on my website!

Thank you for your patience! As much as I would like to consider myself a master web designer I must say that making my book available for purchase on my website proved more challenging than I first imagined! However, after weeks of labored ignorance I am pleased to announce that my new children’s book is available for purchase on the “Jarrett’s Books” page of my website. My book is $12.00 and that includes shipping to anywhere in the US.

My book will also be available on the Kindle Store for purchase on devices like the Kindle Fire, Kindle, and Kindle Apps across all devices. It will be available by 5/25/2012.

Thank you for all of the support and the awesome turnout we had for the book reading at the Hard Rock event on May 12. I was blown away by the amount of children that turned out and we had an awesome time! Below are some photos

Brave and Mighty in the front row

The whole event was a ton of fun!

Special thanks to Amanda and Jen for putting the event together!

**Many of you have asked for signed copies. Signed copies and personalized signed copies will only be available through June 1st, 2012. If you would like your copy signed, please indicate so when your purchase your book!***

Thanks and I hope you love the book!


8 thoughts on “My Children’s book is available for purchase on my website!

  1. hello Jarrett and wonderful family im a follower of both yours and chelsea’s blogs i look forward to all new posts! i just bought my copy of your book but i did not see a space to put i would like mine signed could you please sign mine and make it to Laykin, Paxton, and Griffin. i would be so honored!! thank you so much! oh the paypal used was and the name was James Bell. thank you so much!

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  3. Hi Jarrett! I just purchased two books, but did not see until too late that personalized signed copies were a possibility. If you could sign one to Harper and the other to Éowyn, that would be lovely! Paypal account email: and my name is Erika Kolean. (I went to high school with Amanda.) Thank you!

  4. Hi Jarrett! I follow Chelsea’s blog. I just purchased 2 books and didn’t see where to put that I would like a personalized signed copy if it is still available. If you could sign one for Emma and Taylor and the second one for Leah and Jake, I would appreciate it. My name is Erin Gross. Have fun continuing your adventure with your wonderful family!

  5. Hey Jarett,
    I just ordered my copy today, I hope you can still sign it. We just had a little girl and my heart just aches for you guys, I can’t even begin to imagine. I cry when I read your wife’s beautiful blog. You are in our prayers daily.
    Danielle (Ivy) Kettunen

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