Unleash your inner hero – rate my book on

I am in need of a hero. It could be you; I hope it is you. Many will never get the chance to know how Iron Man feels when vanquishing an evil villain or feel the thrill of Batman hunting down a criminal mastermind. But you will, or at least you can. What’s this? You would like to know how you could unleash your inner hero and feel the satisfaction these super heroes feel? Well it’s easy, all you have to do is rate my book on and you will be my hero! My book, The Three Brothers go to the Beach, is available on the Kindle, yet sadly, it has no reviews at present. I considered writing my own, but I think that’s silly and just not quite right. If you feel like being a hero click here to rate my book on I would really appreciate it.

As an aside, many of you have received my book in the mail and have read it with your families. I would like to send a special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your experiences and enjoyment for the The Three Brothers go to the Beach through Facebook, email, and on this website. Your words are encouraging and appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Unleash your inner hero – rate my book on

  1. When I get mine, I will be happy to write a review! It’s hard to write a review when you haven’t read the book 🙂 Glad to know mine will be delivered “metal clipless”! Very proud of you!

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