Show and Tell and the Results from the Weekend

I heard a story from Maui about a little girl who had a show and tell at her school. She brought The Three Brothers go to the Beach and wore her Trek Atlas Embrace Life shirt to school that day. As it turned out, another girl in her glass had brought Trek’s book also. Thank you girls for your support in telling my son’s story. It is awesome to know the impact that my beautiful son made in such a short time.

The free weekend for Trek went incredibly well. Overall, 9,000 people downloaded The Three Brothers go to the Beach! Before the weekend was over Brave, Mighty, and Trek’s story was number one on five charts. Thank you all for your support in making my free weekend for Trek a success.

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10 thoughts on “Show and Tell and the Results from the Weekend

  1. Wow ~ what an incredible honor ~ both the Show & Tell and results! So proud to have you as my family since you’re famous and all! 🙂

    • Thanks Jalene. You’ll have to rock “There’s a tear in my beer” on your jukebox in celebration for me. Have you ever thought about getting a disco ball for the guest bedroom?

      • FYI…..I rocked it just for you! However, it just wasn’t the same without Peyton & Conner singing it along with you. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have thought about the disco ball!

  2. Carl brough his to show and tell before seet Trek passed away. He was so proud that he “knows the kids in the story!” Trek has and continues to touch many lives.

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