Following After Trek is now available on the Kindle, the Nook, and in paperback!!!

After months of hard work, I am pleased to announce that my novel, Following After Trek, has arrived and is available on and in both paperbackkindle, and nook versions. Part of it doesn’t feel real that the book is published and complete. I remember the conversation with Chelsea as if it was yesterday when we decided for me to quit my job, travel the world, and pursue my dream of becoming an author. Today is the fulfillment of that dream. Of course, it is a dream marred with shadow because it is being realized apart from Trek. The truth is, it will never feel as wonderful as it should be because of the pain in my heart left by his absence.

Normally I pride myself in not caring much for others opinions, but in this instance, I find myself hopelessly curious. The plain truth of the matter is that you cannot be an author without an audience. Without someone to read and enjoy my book, it wouldn’t be worth writing. So for today, I am on pins and needles for you to read my book. Partly because I want you to know Trek’s story, partly because I want to be able to continue writing, but I suppose most of all I just want to know if you like my story.

I hope you enjoy the book. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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15 thoughts on “Following After Trek is now available on the Kindle, the Nook, and in paperback!!!

  1. I’m on pins & needles myself to complete the book! I know it will be fantastic, but I will be sure to let you know my thoughts (you know I will, too!) Congrats ~ I’m VERY proud of you!

  2. Its going on my kindle today!! Can’t wait…God bless your book and hope many more may get to know and read about the wonderfulness of Trek. We have fallen in love with this little guy and never met xx May God’s love and peace abound to you, Chelsea and the boys.
    Helen (Western Australia)

  3. Just finished reading it yesterday! Great book, such a heartbreaking but yet uplifting story! So well written and an amazing page-turner. It was a book I wish never had to be written, but what a beautiful tribute to an amazing child, and his family! it was WAY past my expectations. I loved it, laughed, cried, and was totally engrossed. Like, walking through the grocery store reading on my phone engrossed! It was awesome!

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