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My Son, Just Like James Bond

Quote from Following After Trek:

“Peyton nodded and started skipping toward the kitchen. Very rarely did Peyton simply walk or mosey. The child had boundless energy and moved from place to place by leaping or skipping or doing somersaults. It was no mystery why he looked like Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in a Speedo. The child’s lifestyle was perpetual exercise.” (pg. 39)

Right now my family and I are on way back from Malaysia and are in the city of Hat Yai, Thailand on the border. Thankfully, the hotel we stayed at last night had a swimming pool. We have been gone for about a week, and the boys are running low on swimwear options. Thus, both of my children were donning their euro cut swim trunks.

Chelsea and I were laughing about how foxy Peyton looked, and he wanted to know what we were saying about him. I looked at Peyton and said the following:

“We were just saying you l0oked like James Bond.”

He glanced at Chelsea and I deadly serious and said, “Only a little better looking.” And with that, he jumped into the pool and moved on. We recently saw the movie Skyfall (phenomenal by the way), and I guess he didn’t think the comparison did him justice.  I swear I heard the opening theme music for the James Bond movies as he dove into the pool. All that was missing was the theme song by Adele.
Perhaps I need to print a retraction from my book. My son looks like Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in a speedo, only a little better :).

11 thoughts on “My Son, Just Like James Bond

  1. Hilarious! I was on swim team my whole life, growing up in AZ, and I just never did get used to guys in speedos…maybe I need to hang out in Malaysia a bit more 🙂 Nah. I’ll take your word for it.

  2. Yes, I agree with Peyton….much better lookin’! He is so precious and studly, all in one! Love y’all and so glad your Visa run was a fun one!

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